VPN ™: Best Free VPN for Public WiFi Security

VPN ™ is the ultimate blend of security and user-friendliness. While its simplicity is undeniable, this app provides robust protection against malware, unwanted ads, and trackers. We rigorously tested it across various parameters, and it performed well on most of them including speed, security, and streaming capabilities. Continue reading to find out if VPN ™ is your ideal VPN solution.

What makes VPN ™ the undeniable choice


No Registration or Data Logs: VPN ™ guarantees unwavering trust and unparalleled privacy for its users. The app eliminates the need for registration formalities, ensuring that your identity remains hidden even from the owners. Additionally, VPN ™ does not collect or store any session logs, eliminating the possibility of leaks and reinforcing your privacy.

Works in High-Censorship Regions: Based on our extensive tests and research, VPN ™ emerges as an excellent option for bypassing website and app restrictions in countries with web censorship. We have observed its effectiveness in regions such as Russia, Iran, and other locations with internet limitations, albeit with occasional minor issues. Although it does function in China, its performance there is less reliable and inconsistent.

The Free Version Has No Data Cap: A standout feature of VPN ™ is the absence of data restrictions in its free version. With this app, users can connect to the VPN service for uninterrupted 15-minute sessions. Once that’s up, they experience a temporary disconnection. There’s a brief waiting period before they can connect to VPN again. While this may be perceived as a minor inconvenience, we view it as an effective approach to providing free service. It allows users to fully experience the app’s features without any charges.


Lacks 24/7 Live Support: Having access to live support is undoubtedly advantageous when seeking assistance from customer support. Unfortunately, VPN ™ does not currently provide this feature. Instead, they offer various touchpoints for email communication. They do however compensate by offering an extensive list of FAQs.

Not the best for Torrenting:
While VPN ™ does permit torrenting, we do not recommend utilizing it for P2P traffic. The speeds it provides for such activities are relatively slow, and we were unable to locate any official policy regarding torrenting on their platform.

Overall Rating:10/10

  • Privacy: 10/10
  • Speed: 9.5/10
  • Streaming: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 9.5/10
  • Pricing: 9/10
  • Customer Support: 8.5/10


VPN ™ gets a positive recommendation from us. This app excels in providing both privacy and speed without overwhelming beginners with unnecessary complexities. Additionally, the availability of a free mode makes it convenient to test the app’s capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

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